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Our Responsibility

We know how important sustainability is for our customers and we are aware we can only play a small part in making the world a more sustainable place for future generations, but we believe every small part makes a difference.


We’ve analysed the core parts of our business to ensure sustainability is at the heart of the decision-making process. In doing so everything from the building we operate in, the raw materials we use, the people we employ, all the way through to the end products delivered to our customers, will be constantly reviewed to improve sustainability.

Our Responsibility

Raw Materials

Responsible Forestry

First 4 Numbers FSC label

First 4 Numbers have worked tirelessly over the years to select papers to inspire our clients to make that green choice. Our key responsibility lies in ensuring the paper we use is fit for the rigorous applications it’s intended for as well as being sourced responsibly.

To this end we promote paper sourced from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) forests. We are committed and fully support the responsible forest management practices that both protect biodiversity and ecosystem integrity and result in long-term social and economic benefits to human communities.

First 4 Numbers - The FSC Process

FSC® Certified paper

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. As an FSC® certified company we can trace the wood used for your project from the forest where it was sourced, right the way through production until it lands on your desk as a piece of print.

FSC® certified products available on request.


FSC® certified forests ensure:

The forests biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes are maintained by socially beneficial forest management which helps both local people and society at large to enjoy long term benefits.

Economically viable forest management to ensure financial profit is not at the expense of the forest resources, the ecosystem or affected communities.


Tyvek® for sustainability

Low additive content

Tyvek® is mainly made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) polymer without plasticizers. Tyvek® does not add restricted chemicals listed in European Directives like Ro HS (2011/65/EU), or REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).



Tyvek® offers a superior strength-toweight ratio. This lightweight potentially can reduce energy use in transportation compared to heavier competitive products.


Do more for less

Lower material weights needed for performance result in less energy and resource consumption, and less material waste at the end of product life.


Tyvek® is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and is recyclable.


Zero Carbon Hero

By selecting specific materials that are eligible for the Forest Carbon programme, we are able to offset each product’s carbon emissions, balancing its carbon dioxide emissions to zero and becoming an Antalis Zero Carbon Hero.
The scheme is provided by Forest Carbon, a leader in voluntary carbon woodland creation in the UK.
Over 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2 being removed from the UK’s air.
Projects certified in biodiversity ‘additionality’, risk management & carbon capture measurement.
CO2 figures based on sound science and good risk assessment.
You can balance your carbon with Antalis in UK woodlands!
4.8 Million new trees and counting planted in the UK since 2006.


The Business

Our people

Every day our teams are committed to providing increased health, safety and wellbeing whilst a continuous improvement programme is in place to reduce our current environmental impact now and for future generations.


Our goal is to provide a workplace that encourages fairness and support in the workplace whilst promoting the well being of our staff.

Solar Energy

In 2013 we installed our solar panels presenting a carbon saving of at least 20 tonnes per year.

Going LED

We’re working our way through the building replacing all of our old bulbs for brighter, more energy efficient LED light bulbs.

Planting Trees

As part of First 4 Numbers tradition, we plant a tree every year in our own backyard. These trees produce delicious fruit such as plums, which are then shared between the staff.


We harvest our rainwater off the roof to water our trees and vegetable garden.

All about the layers

Our building is triple layered, meaning we contain more heat, use less heating and can keep our energy levels down.


Where possible, the boxes we use are made from FSC mix & are recyclable.


All of our delivery companies have sustainability policies in place, meaning we know our product is in good hands.

By using outside companies, and not having our own delivery vehicles going to specific locations across the world, we are able to cut down on the amount of vehicles on the road.

Renewable Energy

As part of reducing our carbon footprint and doing our part, our electricity is supplied by E.ON and is backed by 100% renewable sources.


E.ON procures sufficient electricity from renewable sources to match our metered electricity consumption.


You can view our certificate here.


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