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Laminated Distance Signs

Meters Sign
Our A3 Laminated distance signs come in Kilometres, Miles, and Meters, and are suitable for any event. All signs are printed on bright yellow A3 card, and then encapsulated and drilled so that they are water resistant and can be easily secured using cable ties.
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Product SKU Price Quantity
Meters Sign Sign Lam 200 Meters A3 SLAM200MA3 £1.62
400 meters sign Sign Lam 400 Meters A3 SLAM400MA3 £1.62
1 mile sign Sign Lam 1 Mile A3 SLAM1MA3 £1.62
2 mile sign Sign Lam 2 Mile A3 SLAM2MA3 £1.62
3 mile sign Sign Lam 3 Miles A3 SLAM3MA3 £1.62
4 miles sign Sign Lam 4 Miles A3 SLAM4MA3 £1.62
5 miles sign Sign Lam 5 Miles A3 SLAM5MA3 £1.62
6 miles sign Sign Lam 6 Miles A3 SLAM6MA3 £1.62
7 Miles sign Sign Lam 7 Miles A3 SLAM7MA3 £1.62
8 mile sign Sign Lam 8 Miles A3 SLAM8MA3 £1.62
9 miles lam Sign Lam 9 Miles A3 SLAM9MA3 £1.62
10 miles sign Sign Lam 10 Miles A3 SLAM10MA3 £1.62
Kilometer Sign Sign Lam 1 KM A3 SLAM1KMA3 £1.62
KM Signs Sign Lam 2 KM A3 SLAM2KMA3 £1.62
3km signs Sign Lam 3 KM A3 SLAM3KMA3 £1.62
4km sign Sign Lam 4 KM A3 SLAM4KMA3 £1.62
5km signs Sign Lam 5 KM A3 SLAM5KMA3 £1.62
Sign Lam 6 KM A3 SLAM6KMA3 £1.62
7km signs Sign Lam 7 KM A3 SLAM7KMA3 £1.62
8Km Sign Lam 8 KM A3 SLAM8KMA3 £1.62
9km sign Sign Lam 9 KM A3 SLAM9KMA3 £1.62
10km Sign Lam 10 KM A3 SLAM10KMA3 £1.62
mile to go sign Sign Lam 1 Mile to Go A3 SLAM1MTOGOA3 £1.62
Sign Lam 2 Miles to Go A3 SLAM2MTOGOA3 £1.62
miles to go sign Sign Lam 3 Miles to Go A3 SLAM3MTOGOA3 £1.62
4 miles to go Sign Lam 4 Miles to Go A3 SLAM4MTOGOA3 £1.62
5miles to go Sign Lam 5 Miles to Go A3 SLAM5MTOGOA3 £1.62
Miles to go Sign Sign Lam 6 Miles to Go A3 SLAM6MTOGOA3 £1.62
7 miles to go Sign Lam 7 Miles to Go A3 SLAM7MTOGOA3 £1.62
miles to go sign Sign Lam 8 Miles to Go A3 SLAM8MTOGOA3 £1.62
miles to go signs Sign Lam 9 Miles to Go A3 SLAM9MTOGOA3 £1.62
miles to go signs Sign Lam 10 Miles to Go A3 SLAM10MTOGOA3 £1.62
km to go signs Sign Lam 1 KM to Go A3 SLAM1KMTOGOA3 £1.62
2 km to go sign Sign Lam 2 KM to Go A3 SLAM2KMTOGOA3 £1.62
Sign Lam 3 KM to Go A3 SLAM3KMTOGOA3 £1.62
4km to go sign Sign Lam 4 KM to Go A3 SLAM4KMTOGOA3 £1.62
5km to go Sign Lam 5 KM to Go A3 SLAM5KMTOGOA3 £1.62
6km to go sign Sign Lam 6 KM to Go A3 SLAM6KMTOGOA3 £1.62
km to go sign Sign Lam 7 KM to Go A3 SLAM7KMTOGOA3 £1.62
8km to go Sign Lam 8 KM to Go A3 SLAM8KMTOGOA3 £1.62
9km to go sign Sign Lam 9 KM to Go A3 SLAM9KMTOGOA3 £1.62
10km to go sign Sign Lam 10 KM to Go A3 SLAM10KMTOGOA3 £1.62
I have been with you for the last 4 years and more than happy with the quality and services
Mrs Joan Foard,
First class service complemented by a call to check I had the right design.
Dave Gregory,
Rotary Club of Mounts Bay
Absolutely perfect, brilliant quality, delivery early, would definitely recommend this company x
Denise Carroll,

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At First 4 Numbers we promise to provide superior quality, great value, race and event numbers combined with a flexible and friendly service.
Industry leading
First 4 Numbers are a proud supplier of race numbers for the London Olympics, World Championships, London Marathon and more.
Environmentally focused
At First 4 Numbers we do our best to be environmentally friendly and ethical in the production and delivery of our products.

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